3.06.2017 International Dog Show "Estonian Winner 2017" in Tallinn, judge Juan Luis Martinez (Mexico), EX2, SQ

26.03.2017 International Dog Show in Narva, judge Jurate Butkiene (Lithuania), EX1

International Dog Show in Tallinn "Tallinn Winter Cup 2017" 12.02.2017, judge Anne Sume (Estonia), EX1, SQ, BF1, CAC

National Dog Show in Kaunas (Lithuania)
17.09.2016 judge Audrone Babianskiene (Lithuania) -  EX, CAC, Show Winner, BOS 18.09.2016 judge Juan Naveda (Spain) - EX, CAC, Show Winner, BOB

Photo by Inesa Jankauskiene


18.12.2016 International Dog Show CHRISTMAS cup 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania), judge Torsten Himmrich (Germany), EX1, CAC, Show Winner, BOB, CACIB
17.12.2016 International Dog Show VILNIUS WINTER 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania), judge Enrique Mate Duran (Spain), EX2, Res.CACIB

13.11.2016 International FCI CACIB Dog Show BALTIC WINNER' 2016 in Riga, judge Helen Tonkson-Koit (Estonia), EX1, SQ, BF2, CAC, Res.CACIB

 6.11.2016 International Dog Show in Tartu, judge Jan Gajewski (Poland), EX1
5.11.2016 International Dog Show in Tartu, judge Zoja Bogdanova (Russia), EX2, SQ, BF4

VII. Special Club show  JACK RUSSELL TERRIER & PARSON RUSSELL TERRIER in  Konopiště ( Czech Republic). In the ring were 71 PRT judged by Mr. Martin Baker GB  (kennel Pacolito).
Essie was shown in intermediate class EX3.

Photo by Lucie Demon


National Dog Show in Palanga (Lithuania) 11. 06.2016 judge Siret Lepasaar (Estonia), EX1, Junior Winner, BOB and 12. 06.2016 judge  Hans Almgren (Sweden), EX1, Junior Winner, BOB,

National Dog Show in Kaunas (Lithuania) 4. 06.2016 judge Michael Papadatos (Greese), EX1,  Junior Winner, BOB and 5. 06.2016 judge Mile Aleksoski (Makedonia), EX1, Junior Winner, BOB

3.06.2016 Speciality show for II and III FCI group in Luige, judge Anatoli Zhuk (Belarus), EX2

21.05.2016 Speciality show for III FCI group  in Riga (Latvia), judge Vladimir Mihaljcic (Serbia), EX1, SQ, JW, JCAC, PP, BOB

14.05.2016 Specialty Show (CAC) for Hunting Breeds in Särevere (Järva County, Estonia), judge Astrid Lundava (Estonia), EX1, SQ, BF1, JW, JCAC, BOB
Essie 15 months old

8.05. 2016 Talsi Kennel Club National Dog Show (Latvia), judge Kostadin Shankov (Bulgaria), EX1, CQ, JCAC, PP, BOB; judge Viachaslav Viarbitski (Belarus) BIG3

Description: Beautiful type. Excellent typical expression. Enough bones. Correct front. Body in good substance, but needs more volume. Excellent angulation and muscles behind. Correct set of tail. Correct movements.

7.05.2016 Talsi Kennel Club National Dog Show (Latvia), judge Natalya Milovanova (Cypros), EX1, CQ, JCAC, PP, BOB

Description: 15 months old female, nice profil, nice head and neck, correct angulation, nice tail, correct behind movement, front movement and tail carriage could be better

16.04.2016 International Dog Show Tallinn Winner 2016, judge Andreas Schemel (Austria), EX1, SQ, BF1, JW, JCAC, BOS
Description: up to size, still (building?) substance, but very good owerall breed type, super head, excellent eyes and ears, strong bite, super front, racy hindquarters, ... jacket, expandable ribcage, moves and shows well