Endy and Oliver

Oliver was the first JRT to enter my world back in 2008. This hyperactive and adorable terrier won over my heart at first sight. Oliver has been with me in tears and joy - being a small teacher with important lessons to share. Thanks to this dog I have gained confidence, persistence, quick thinking and reacting, emotionality, loyality and patience. As a team we have discovered the exciting world of agility, travelled all around Estonia and visited foreign countries. This journey has led us to a lot of new friends and interesting adventures. Together we have learned to enjoy life.
Endy is our joyful sunshine who came to our family from Czech Republic in the summer of 2012. She can be described as a very loyal and friendly missis Russell. She is very eager to learn new things and keeps very good contact. She has a great desire to work and has the looks aswell. Endy does agility as a hobby and also trains her hunting skills by trailing a blood scent and barking at artificial fox dens. Endy’s favorite activity is to learn tricks. She also takes part in dog shows and is an all-around great breeding female.
Endy and Oliver get along brilliantly.

We have at home 4 dogs: jrt 6 years old male Oliver, jrt 3 years old female Endy, Endy's puppy jrt Astra and prt puppy Essie.

We have in our kennel white and tan jrt-girl Elly (born 24.04.2015) from Ultra Kennel. She lives at friend's home.

We have in our kennel tricolour jrt-girl Bonnie (born 9.03.2015). She is keeper from Best Choice litter and lives at friend's home.

We have in our kennel tricolour jrt-girl Darcy (born 20.02.2017). She is keeper from Dot-Art litter and lives at friend's home.